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Formulation Excel

Need a formulation?

You had an idea, a dream product, maybe an opportunity? Excel Herbal will make it come true.

Product Consultation

With our dedicated R&D team with nutritional medicine consultants and TCM experts, we can provide you with professional opinions of your product. Working together with our market research team, Excel Herbal can make a product that works and satisfy the market needs!

Pre-Registered Formulation

With our in-house laboratory, our R&D team has never cease in developing new products according to market needs. We are honored to possess many pre-registered formulation targeting an extensive list of health issues. By choosing a pre-registered formulation, you could slash the development time from months to weeks and you get to take advantages in the market!

Registration Excel

register it with NPRA

Registering your formulation with the Ministry of Health Malaysia can be a very daunting task. If a poor approach is taken it can be a very lengthy process with a high degree of failure.

Quick registration and approval with NPRA 

Excel Herbal help clients interact with National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency, NPRA (Formerly known as National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau), Ministry of Health Malaysia. As a regular partner, we possess very comprehensive knowledge on how to get your desired products registered and approved in fastest possible way! 

We can proudly declare that we are one of the very few companies to successfully register most products from National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency Malaysia.

Rawmat Excel

Source the raw materials

We source our products from the most reputable suppliers who have a long and consistent track record of providing quality products and services. At Excel Herbal, our strong relationships and experienced purchasing teams work with suppliers to get the best prices and quality materials for your nutraceutical, herbal, nutritional and dietary supplement products.

Once raw materials are identified as key elements of a formula, they’re brought on site and put through a comprehensive screening program. This includes research on the material through document review (i.e. product specification, nutritional bulletin, allergen statement, and more) followed by a request for a product development sample for examination to ensure the material characteristics are the best for your product.

Manufacturing Excel

Make it happen

With over 40 years of experience, Excel Herbal’s pride lies within its manufacturing and processing capabilities. With state-of-the art machineries and facilities, we are capable of meeting every need, from bulk blending dry powders to delicate liquid production.

All processes are closely monitored by our professional quality control team, ensuring every step has its best. 

Herbs Processing

With our own processing center, we can ensure that crude herbs are processed into extracts, concentrate, fine powder or tea well-controlled with no chance of contamination.

Packing & Repacking

With Excel Herbal’s comprehensive solution and facilities, we can repack your products, even foreign products into your desired outcome in no time.

Dosage type manufactured

Hard Shell Capsules, Soft Gel Capsules, Tablets, Teabag, Powder, Pills, Extract & Concentrate, Liquid, Essential Oils, External Use Liquid

Halal Excel

Need HALAL products?

Targeting market in the Islamic world? Excel Herbal is here to help.

Malaysia’s HALAL standards certified by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM) is a prestigious set of standards well recognized by the Islamic world. 

From purchasing, production, and quality control processes, our dedicated team ensures that it will comply to all HALAL principles and protocols. 


Designing Excel

Make it nice and tight

It’s time to coat your products with a decent packaging. With our in-house designing team, we can tailor make your product label and packaging.  Nothing is too hard for us!

Our market research team may also provide you with professional opinions according to your target customers. 

Packaging Options

Bottling, Canister & Jars Filling, Vacuum Packing, Blister Packing, Filling into Tea Bags, Sachet Filling, Spray & Tubes Filling

Lab Test Excel

Bring it to the test

Finally, your finished product goes through a comprehensive food safety assessment. With our in-house laboratory, our quality team conducts in-process testing, safety test, organoleptic evaluation at blend stage (prior to packaging), quality checks throughout the run, and final testing to ensure the final product meets your specification and NPRA regulations.

Laboratory Test Services

We are also capable in conducting and providing laboratory tests such as AAS, Microbial, Assays, stability tests and nutritional analysis accommodating to your compliance needs.

need a test for your product?

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